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We've entered the month of May now, and splendid weather continues as the new 'Reiwa' era commences in Japan in concurrence with the Enthronement of His Majesty Emperor Naruhito.
On the occasion of the enthronement, a Greeting Book was opened at our consulate which was signed not only by Japanese nationals but – fitting the multiethnic and multicultural society that is Vancouver — many well-wishers from Canada and other countries as well, who came by our office to offer their wishes. It was a delight to share the joy of this new era with so many.  
Upon deciding the name of the new era, Prime Minister Abe voiced his determination to unlock a new age together with his nation's people, one overflowing with hope. Moreover, addressing a national public audience following his enthronement, His Majesty said that he sincerely prays that our nation can stand hand in hand with other nations to achieve further development while continuing to pursue world peace. I will take these words to heart and commit myself to developing the relationship between Japan and Canada.    
With a feeling of renewed passion, our consulate is determined to provide full and varied services helpful to you all, and further convey the charms of Japan.  
Consul General of Japan in Vancouver
Takashi HATORI

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