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A cool site for exploring Japan including the video Hello! Japan. Get answers to questions. Check out news, recipes, games and see what's cool in Japan.
A comprehensive view of Japan through streamed video content.
Statistics Bureau. Updated statistics on all aspects of Japan. Includes links to other statistical resources.
Clickable maps lead you through a visual and fact-finding introduction to many subjects including the nature, traditions and contemporary life of Japan.
Introduction of Japanese cities and prefectures through their websites.
Covers traditional Japanese arts and pastimes including fine arts, crafts, performing arts and martial arts.
Short articles and monthly features on the latest trends in Japanese business and economy, lifestyle, science and technology, fashion, arts and entertainment, sports and people.
Quarterly magazine introducing contemporary Japanese culture and society.
Explore manga, anime, gaming, art, architecture, design, literature, food and fashion. All part of contemporary Japanese culture.
Foreign Press Center
Comprehensive introductions of Japan by theme such as governmental structure, economy, society, culture and sports. Available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Korean.
discuss japan Presents English and Chinese translations of essays, commentaries, reviews, dialogues and interviews by Japanese academics, specialists and critics.