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  Embassy of Japan in Canada

  Consulate General of Japan in Calgary

  Consulate General of Japan in Montreal

  Consulate General of Japan in Toronto

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  Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

  For up-to-date information on Japan's foreign policies, economic affairs and much more. The Diplomatic Bluebook is an annual report on Japan's Foreign Policy and activities published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.


  Japan-China Relations, Japan-Korea Relations


  Japanese Government Directory
  Links to all websites for all components of the Japanese Goverment.


  CLAIR(Council of Local Authorities for International Relations)
  Projects and activities for regional internationalization including exchange programs and sister city affiliations.


  Japan Foundation
  A non-profit organization which promotes mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and other countries through a broad variety of cultural-exchange programs. Visit the Canadian branch at Japan Foundation Toronto.


  JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization)

  JETRO Canada (Vancouver)
  JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) is a non-profit organization funded by the Japanese Government to encourage trade between Japan and other countries.


  Web Japan Web Japan
  Extensive information about Japan including Japanese society, culture, geography, and statistics . Includes Kids Web Japan.


  Statistics Bureau and Statistics Center Japan
  Provides fundamental statistics on the state of the nation such as the Population Census and the Establishment and Enterprise Census.

  Prime Minister's Office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet Post 3.11 Progress
Discuss Japan - Japan Foreign Policy Forum (other site)


  Foreign Affairs

Recovery from Great East Japan Earthquake
Japan's Security Policy
North Korean Issues including Abduction
Toward a society in which all women shine
History Issues
Japan-U.S. Security Arrangements
Sea of Japan
Ukraine situation and Japan's effort
Iraqi Situation
Japanese Territory
Japan's Northern Territories
The Senkaku Islands