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New Year's Remarks from Consul General Takashi HATORI

Greetings everyone. Humbly wishing you a belated happy New Year!

2018 was a year to remember: we celebrated the 90th anniversary of Japanese-Canadian diplomatic relations, allowing Canadians to deepen their appreciation for Japan through various cultural events.

This year will see the Heisei era come to a close. Emperor Akihito will abdicate in April, relinquishing the imperial throne to Crown Prince Naruhito who will accede in May. Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress last visited Canada in 2009, and I believe that Canadians will watch with interest as Japan ushers in a new era.  

This is a milestone year for our consulate as well: it’s been 130 years since our establishment as Japan's first foreign office in Canada, originally located on Howe Street where the Metropolitan Hotel now stands. Our consulate's history parallels that of Japanese-Canadian immigrants, who arrived in Canada some 10 years earlier. I want 2019 to be a year for us to look back on the footprints of Japanese-Canadian immigrants and today’s Nikkei community.     

I intend to work with my staff to fulfill our various consular services, strengthen our ties with BC and Yukon, and proactively share the appeal of Japan so that you all may continue to live safely and soundly in 2019!

Consul General of Japan in Vancouver Takashi HATORI

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