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  Greetings, everyone. My name is Takashi HATORI. This is my first message since I arrived in Vancouver on November 8 after having been transferred from Seoul, South Korea.
  Upon landing in Vancouver, I straightway noticed the strong Asian population and got a good sense of why the Canadian west coast has become known as ‘the Gateway to Asia.’ Indeed, thanks to the large number of Japanese expats and Japanese-Canadian residents who make their home here, I feel that the region is brimming with the potential to cultivate the relationship between our two countries. As Consul General, I to intend to tighten all the ties that bind Japan and Canada—especially those under our immediate jurisdiction in BC and Yukon.     
  The Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver will continue to strive to bring everyone top-notch consular service that is in-touch with the community. We will also support the strengthening of economic relations in energy, forestry, IT, green technology, tourism, and other promising sectors. Finally, with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on the horizon, we will nurture interpersonal exchanges, vitalize sports exchanges and promote public relations that know how to advertise the appeal of Japanese culture. Of course, all of this will not be possible without your help. I am looking forward to working with you all.
Takashi HATORI  
Consul General of Japan in Vancouver 

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