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 Happy New Year, everyone.  As 2015 has just begun, I would like to extend my new year’s greeting to you.
Since I assumed my post, almost 2 years have passed.   During this time, I have made efforts to further improve our consular services, and as well hosted a number of events last year to mark the 125th anniversary since the establishment of our consulate.  My efforts also included a proactive approach in promoting economic relations between Canada and Japan, and setting up a variety of public-relations and cultural activities.
The length of tenure for Japanese Consuls General, albeit not fixed, is usually for 3 years or so.  Based on this assumption, I have only 1 year left at this post.    I realize that I’ve passed the 3rd corner of the track and am now approaching the final stretch of my work; 2015 is the time for my last spurt to the finish line.    I have renewed my determination to add to our previous progress and further advance the services and activities of our consulate with my utmost efforts.
As to the consular services at the front counter, including applications for various documents, passport and visa procedures, and response to incidents and trouble, our ongoing efforts will continue in order to provide attentive services with consideration to each situation as much as possible.
In regard to our support for business activities between Canada and Japan, I would like to stress prompter assistance to projects such as natural gas export to Japan that has been anticipated to get into full swing this year.
As for the promotion of Japanese culture, similar to last year, our consulate will introduce a great range of Japanese culture from traditional forms to current pop culture through performances by leading artists, presentations by specialists and so forth.  
Through these activities, together with the entire staff as one team, I will do my best in order to make our activities even more approachable and useful to you.   I sincerely ask for your understanding again this year.
I wish you all a splendid 2015.                         
January 2015
Seiji Okada
Consul General of Japan in Vancouver

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