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Temporary Visitor's Visa


To enter Japan as a visitor, you must obtain a Temporary Visitor's Visa prior to departing for Japan, unless you qualify for a Temporary Visitor's Visa Exemption. Maximum stay as a temporary visitor is 90 days.


Canadian citizens and nationals of countries with Reciprocal Visa Exemption Agreements with Japan do not require a Temporary Visitor's Visa for Short Term Stays. Cases involving paid activities in Japan are excluded.


Landing permission can only be granted by an immigration officer at a port of entry, if all the conditions stipulated in the Immigration Control Act are met.


Submit the following IN PERSON:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Proof of immigration status in Canada such as a valid Permanent Resident Card, Study Permit or Work Permit.
    ・The Record of Landing (IMM 1000) is not accepted as proof of immigration status in Canada.
    ・In principle we do not accept an application from a temporary visitor in Canada.

  3. Visa application form (PDF)

    For Russian Nationals, Nationals of CIS and Georgia: Please complete 2 application forms.

  4. Passport-style photo taken within six months of application attached to the application form.

  5. Flight itinerary or Airline ticket to enter and leave Japan.
    NOTE: We do not request you to purchase tickets. You may show us a confirmed reservation record.

  6. Valid entry visa to the country of destination after leaving Japan
  7. Most recent monthly CANADIAN bank statement as proof of finance to cover the expenses that may be incurred during the entire stay in Japan.
    NOTE: The statement should include the applicant’s name. A print-out statement from the online banking is acceptable.

  8. Documents indicating the purpose of your visit. For example:
    • For sightseeing: tour information from a travel agency or Schedule of Stay
    • For visiting friends or relatives: Letter of Reason for Invitation from Japan
    • Business: reference letter from the company
  9. Additional required documents for:
    • International Students: Reference letter from your school
    • Under 18 and travelling alone: Consent letter from your parents

Note: Additional materials will be requested as necessary.


*Please do not staple the documents.



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