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Police Certificate


A Japanese police certificate is issued only for specific purpose(s) that the National Police Agency (NPA) has acknowledged, such cases for example:

  • Application for permanent residency in Canada, U.S.A. or Australia
  • Access to restricted areas in Canadian airports
  • Working for and/or contacting with children in B.C.
  • Application for a firearm licence in Canada
  • Employment by the Canadian Federal Government.

If the purpose of your criminal record check does not apply to any of the above, please call us for further details about your situation.


You must obtain a fingerprint sheet which is specifically designated for NPA use.  The fingerprint sheet and the application form are available at the Consulate.  If you wish to request these forms by mail, please send us with your request-memo and a large sized (A4) return envelope with the applicable postage. 


You must take the fingerprint sheet which is provided by the Consulate and your personal identification to a local police station that has jurisdiction over your residence and have police staff take your fingerprints on the sheet.  A fingerprints’ service charge may apply to you by the police/municipality, but the Consulate does not take any responsibilities or liabilities regarding such a service charge by them.


Upon completion of your fingerprints, you may submit your application to the Consulate.  Regardless of the location of your residence, the application must be made in person at the Consulate.  Please produce the following documents for your application:

  1. Your valid passport
  2. Completed fingerprint sheet
  3. Application form in triplicate
  4. A reference letter from the relevant authority that is requesting your criminal record check.

Your application will be forwarded to the NPA in Japan.  It normally takes two months to obtain a police certificate for a common case.  The certificate must be picked up at the Consulate by yourself or a proxy with your letter of authorisation.  There is no processing fee for a Japanese police certificate.


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