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General (Student) Visa


In order to study in Japan, You must obtain a STUDENT VISA prior to entering Japan.


Application for student visa is considered only on a PRE-ARRANGED BASIS. Your school or sponsor in Japan must obtain on your behalf a CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY, which is issued by the Ministry of Justice in Japan, and should contact the nearest Japanese immigration office for details.


Once you receive your Certificate of Eligibility, you must apply for your visa in person at the Japanese Consulate with following documents;


(1) Valid passport

(2) One photo (45㎜ × 45㎜ , taken within 6months )

(3) CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY and its photocopy

(4) Completed visa application form (PDF) (available at our office)

(5) Parent's permission letter if the applicant is under 18 years old.


Visa processing time is normally within a week, averaging two or three business days. It may take more time for those whom hold the passport/travel document of some specified countries due to consultations with our home government.


Application is accepted at the consulate between 09:30 - 11:30 and 13:00 - 15:30, Monday to Friday except national holidays.


(C) Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver, 900-1177 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC V6E 2K9 Tel: (604) 684-5868. This page updated May 22, 2015 .