History of BC-Japan Relations

Chronology of Main Events
Year Main Events
1877 The first Japanese national, Manzo Nagano, lands in Westminster, BC
1886 Canadian Pacific Railway reaches Vancouver
1887 Canadian Pacific Steamships start regular service between Vancouver and Yokohama
1889 June 22 - Consulate of Japan opens on Howe Street in Vancouver
1906 July - Japanese School established at 475 Alexander Street in Vancouver
1907 September - The Vancouver Riot, highlight of Anti-Asiatic sentiment, occurs
1908 January - The Gentlemen's Agreement (Lemieux Agreement), restricting the number of Japanese immigrants, takes effect....
1928 Canada and Japan establish diplomatic relations
1937 TIH Prince and Princess Chichibu visit BC
1941 December 7 - Outbreak of Pacific War
1942 February - Japanese Canadians are ordered to evacuate into inland area
1942 May 4 - Consulate of Japan at Vancouver closes
1949 April 1 - Japanese Canadians are allowed to return to the West Coast
1951 September 8 - San Francisco Peace Treaty signed
1952 May 2 - Consulate of Japan at Vancouver re-opens
1953 April - Visit of Crown Prince Akihito (current Emperor)
1963 June 15 - Consulate of Japan at Vancouver is raised to the status of Consulate General
1965 Oct- TIH Prince and Princess Mikasa visit BC
1986 The Japan Pavilion welcomes millions of visitors at Expo '86
1988 Japanese Canadians attain redress settlement
1989 Centennial of the Japanese Consulate at Vancouver
2009 Jul - Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress of Japan visit BC 
2013 Jun - HIH Princess Takamado visits BC
2019 130th Anniversary of Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver
  Aug - HIH Princess Takamado visits BC

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