CG's Show Room


瀧 (TAKI – Waterfall) June 3

The Chinese characters for “water” + “dragon” are merged to form “waterfall" - a fitting origin. When I visited Shannon Falls near Vancouver & saw the majestic waterfall, at once I wanted to pick up my brush & write this character.

空 (SORA – Sky) May 20

First time seeing the aurora borealis. Vancouver's night sky went green-purple, cheering at Jericho Beach pierced the night as I gazed at the sky until my neck hurt. I was happy to share a miracle sky with many for the first time in 19 years. 

走 (HASHIRU - Run) May 6

Although I wanted to run the Vancouver Marathon, I had to skip it due to my lack of exercise. Instead, I met with Japanese runners + resolved to cheer them on. I run at the gym on weekends but not fit enough for a marathon. Makes me cringe.

藝 (WAZA – Art) April 22

So long since I visited Yukon. Pleased to see youth exchanges with Japan revived and I rediscovered the charm of a land that attracts artists. The character '藝' shows people planting trees. Art grows from our bond with nature. Trees planted anew.

樹 (KI – Tree) April 8

I visited Japanese-American relatives in Los Angeles, some for the first time in 20 years, others I'd not met. This reunion meant a lot after getting to know Japanese-Canadians. Tracing my complex family tree, I'll tell my daughter its history.

語  (KATARU - Speech) March 25

The Annual BC Japanese Speech Contest and Vancouver Japanese Language School’s speech presentations... I'm amazed at our language learners' efforts and achievements as I struggle with my English amid the diversity of English spoken here.

暦 (KOYOMI - Calendar) March 11

Last month, Lunar New Year decorations were seen everywhere in Vancouver. Many asked me if Japan celebrates Lunar New Year. Canadians are well aware of the difference between the solar and lunar calendar and the various ways to celebrate New Year’s.

問 (TOI – Question) February 26

With the Japan Bowl trivia tournament looming, I recall last year's heated battle. The knowledge of the Canadian students, especially about anime & video games, was unimaginable. The question on my hometown stumped them though... My sole win!

冬 (FUYU - Winter) February 12

I received messages from Japanese friends concerned about Canada's cold weather. The snow is late in Vancouver this winter. I wonder if this is an effect of climate change. Many are surprised when I explain that Vancouver winters are rainy.

泳 (OYOGU – Swim) January 29

I was awed by the crowds at the "Polar Bear Swim" in English Bay on New Year's Day. Japan's "cold-weather swimming" is for martial arts training or religious rituals, but I hear Vancouver's event is for "pure fun!" - Anyone have another theory?

龍 (RYU - Dragon) January 15

Japan had a difficult start to the year due to the earthquake and accident. While praying for those affected, we reaffirm our commitment to work to the best of our ability. I wrote the character for "dragon" to wish people strength.