Japan Film Shows in Vancouver (Sat., March 16, and Thur., March 28)

We will be screening 2 Japanese films: “Golden Orchestra!” and “His Master’s Voice.” Admission is FREE. See below for details.

1. March 16 (Sat.): “Golden Orchestra!” and “His Master’s Voice
Show time: 1. First show “Golden Orchestra!” starts at 12pm.
                   2. Second show “His Master’s Voice” starts at 2:30pm.
Venue: The Cinematheque (1131 Howe Street, Vancouver)
Admission: FREE

 2. March 28 (Thur.): “His Master’s Voice”
Show time: 6:30pm “His Master’s Voice”
Venue: Montalbano Family Theatre, 8F, Vancouver Public Library, Central Library (350 West Georgia St.)
Admission: FREE

*Click on the links below for film details and trailer.

GOLDEN ORCHESTRA! (Genre: Drama), Release Date: 2016, Running Time: 119 min, Japanese with English subtitles https://jfdb.jp/en/title/6505
Paikaji Nankai Sakusen director, Hosokawa Toru, helms this drama adapting Araki Gen's novel. It tells of a high school teacher's struggles when she becomes the conductor of an orchestra full of seniors.
 Chizuru (Anne Higashide) had a fondness for the violin when she was a student. After being moved by the performance of the amateur orchestra in the town to which she relocated, she decides to join the group. However, there are two orchestras in town and Chizuru mistakenly joins the all-senior "Umegaoka Symphony".

HIS MASTER’S VOICE, (Genre: Comedy), Release Date: 2014, Running Time: 95 min, Japanese with English subtitles https://jfdb.jp/en/title/4304
(Cast: HAYASHIYA Taihei, FUKUZAKI Nayuta, TOMITA Yasuko, Gori (Garage Sale))
A heartwarming drama devised by rakugo performer Hayashia Taihei. It presents an affectionate depiction of the highs and lows of ordinary people, and weaves a traditional rakugo story into its narrative. Music video veteran Itaya Hiroyuki makes his feature directorial debut, which he also wrote and edited. Internationally active production designer Taneda Yohei handles its art direction.
 In the late 19th century, rakugo student Taihei (Hayashiya) gives up hope of making the grade, and his despair leads him to take up residence at a rowhouse in Tokyo's Fukagawa district. There he meets an emotionally distant boy named Sadakichi (Fukuzaki Nayuta), and as fate would have it, he ends up teaching him rakugo.

*At the beginner of each film show, we will be screening the Vancouver Asian Film Festival (VAFF) 2018 Japan-Canada 90th Anniversary Video Project “We Heart Canada + Japan 90” Best Picture Winner, “Shoji” (Short film,  5 min.). We hope you enjoy!