Online Japan Landscapes Photo Exhibition 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic brought big changes to all of our lives in 2020. Even now, as we continue to stay home and limit our social activities, travel between Canada and Japan is still restricted. Unfortunately at present, it appears making that dream trip to Japan will have to wait a little longer before coming true.     

That is why the Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver is hosting an Online Japan Landscapes Photo Exhibition 2021. By sharing the photos we received, we are hoping to provide you with the chance to enjoy, nostalgically reminisce, and look forward to stopping at new places when you are able to once again visit Japan in the near future.  

We were overwhelmed by the response to our call for photos for the exhibition. Thank you to everyone who submitted their photos. Your support is greatly appreciated.

The photos are arranged into galleries by region. Each gallery will be launched on the announced date. Please come back often to see our new additions.
1 - Hokkaido
2 - Tohoku
3 - Kanto
4 - Chubu
5 - Kinki
6 - Chugoku
7 - Shikoku
8 - Kyushu & Okinawa