2 Free Film Screenings (in Whitehorse and Vancouver)

A Tale of Samurai Cooking

Film Screening in Whitehorse, Yukon:

A Tale of Samurai Cooking
Venue: The Old Fire Hall (
1105 Front Street Whitehorse, Yukon)
Show time: Wed., Feb 22, 7:00pm (Doors open at 6:30pm)
Running length: 122 minutes
Admission is FREE!
No reservation required!
Light refreshments!
Rated PG

During the Edo Period of Japan, an excellent cook marries the heir to a renowned cooking family. However, her husband is a terrible chef. With the help of her new father-in-law, she begins to teach him the ways of the culinary arts.
(Dir. Yûzô Asahara. In Japanese with English subtitles.)

Neko Samurai

Film Screening in Vancouver, BC:

Neko Samurai

Venue: Cinemateque (1131 Howe St, Vancouver, BC)
Show time: Sun., March 5, 2:00pm
Running Length: 100 minutes
FREE admission!
No reservation required!
Not yet rated


Kyutaro (Kazuki Kitamura) is a SAMURAI who was once feared. However, after losing his position, he runs out of money and living alone away from his family. Kyutaro doesn't know how to earn money without using his sword. One day Kyutaro gets a job offer, which is to kill a cat.  Though Kyutaro finds it quite silly, he decides to do it for money. When Kyutaro opens the door to where the target of his assassin is, he sees the lovely white cat.    (Dir. Yoshitaka Yamaguchi. In Japanese with English subtitles.) 

Presented by the Consulate-General of Japan in Vancouver & the Japan Foundation