The 43rd Annual Powell Street Festival

Vancouver’s annual celebration of Japanese-Canadian culture, the Powell Street Festival, took place on the BC Day long weekend, August 3rd and 4th on the streets of Vancouver’s historical Japanese neighbourhood once known as “Paueru Gai.” 
At the opening ceremonies, Consul General Hatori commended the organizers for staging Vancouver’s longest running community arts festival year by year and for their contribution to greater understanding of Japanese culture. 
Among the featured performers from Japan was the musical group Ensemble Liberta, bringing the traditional sounds of the koto and shakuhachi to the festival. 
A display booth set up by the consulate general featured the therapeutic AI robot seal, Paro, and provided visitors with information about Japan and various programs.

The opening ceremony

Consul General Hatori at the opening ceremony

Koto and Shakuhachi performance

Solo performance on Biwa

Koto and Biwa Workshop by Ensemble Liberta

Booth (Bonsai)

Consulate booth

Paro, the therapeutic robot seal

A look at the venue

A look at the venue