The 28th Canada National Japanese Speech Contest

  The 28th Canada Japanese Speech Contest was held at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Asian Centre on Saturday, March 18, co-hosted by the National Japanese Speech Contest Organizing Committee and the Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education (CAJLE).
  This year, 25 winners from Canada’s 7 regional contests advanced to the national contest. The 1st-place winners were: Raphaël Rivière from Ontario in the Beginner Category; Ziyan Ning from Ontario in the Intermediate Category; Cynthia Carty from BC in the Advanced Category; and Jeremy Sit from BC in the Open Category. Ms. Carty also won a roundtrip to Japan as the Grand Prize. The event was covered by “TV JAPAN,” a 24-hour Japanese Language television channel based in North America. It can be viewed on the show TV Japan Club.

A contestant performs his speech

Opening remarks by Dr. Stefania Burk, Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts, Department of Asian Studies, UBC

Consul General Okai with Advanced Category- and Grand Prize-winner

Consul General Okai shares some remarks

Participants pose for a group photo

Tea ceremony during intermission