The Promotion Event of Ibaraki Prefecture Agricultural Products (Sushi Rice, Sake and Soy Source)

Producers explained their products at the display space
On September 16, a Promotion Event of Ibaraki Prefecture Agricultural Products was held at the Consul General’s residence as one of the supporting activities to develop the global market for the agricultural products of Ibaraki prefecture.  The following products were introduced at the event; Sushi Rice “Emi no Kizuna” produced by Agri Yamazaki, two kinds of Sake from Tsukinoi Shuzoten and Yoshikubo Shuzo, and Soy Source from Shibanuma Shoyu Jozo.  The producers made presentations about their products, made explanations at an individual display booth, and provided tasting opportunities to the guests from Japanese restaurants and Japanese food groceries.  As regards the Sushi Rice, a wooden tub with the cooked Sushi Rice was prepared for Sushi chefs to try to make sushi and to feel its texture.
Producers made presentations about their products
Guests tasted sushi made of sushi rice.  Sushi chefs touched the sushi rice and tried to make sushi with it

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