Consul General Okai's Web Message

I am pleased to bring you my first words of greeting.  On April 26, I moved to Vancouver from Sri Lanka, the island of perpetual summer, where I was previously posted. 
Although it has been only a week or so since my arrival to this city, Vancouver’s scenic beauty has already charmed me.  Located on the west coast, needless to say, British Columbia is Canada’s gateway to Asia.  With a great number of Japanese residents, Japanese Canadians, and Japan related business people in this province, I truly sense that the province has incredible potential for the advancement of Canada-Japan relations. 
As Consul General, I will dedicate myself to the further development of the relationship between our two countries, in particular Japan’s relationships with British Columbia and Yukon.  In that regard, your generous support and cooperation is essential and would be highly appreciated.
My staff and I are aiming for a Consulate that is open to all. I would like to enhance our services for you through a variety of consular services and through assistance to strengthen economic relations.  Please do not hesitate to contact our office whenever you need our support. 
Also, I would like to promote Japan and facilitate the people-to-people exchanges together with the efforts and collaboration of the local communities. I understand that Vancouver is a city that thrives on culture, art, and sports; so joining hands could make bigger impact in keeping with the city’s vitality   
Once again, I ask for your generous support so that the above goals can be achieved, and our Consulate can serve you better.
I look forward to the pleasure of meeting you soon at various events.
May 5, 2016
Asako Okai
Consul General of Japan in Vancouver

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