Consul General Okada’s Web Message for May 2013


Hello everyone,

Spring has finally come to Vancouver.

Recently, I went to Deep Cove with my dog and walked on a mountain trail for about two hours. I was amazed to find out that the trail allows dogs to be off-leash, and was happy to see many dogs and their owners enjoying their walks. These off-leash trails are not so common in Japan. I see dogs wherever I go in Vancouver; it is a friendly city for dogs as well as people.

I was invited by the Rotary Club of Chilliwack to speak about Japan’s domestic economic trends and its international economic policies. Chilliwack, located at a one-hour drive from Vancouver, is a beautiful city surrounded by idyllic scenery with mountains in the distance. Here, agriculture is the main industry; they produce crops and dairy products mainly for domestic consumers. However, the city also has a certain interest in Japan’s economic trends as well as Japan-Canada economic relations. Once again, I can see the globalization of the economy in action.

Japan’s domestic economic trends seem to have gradually started to tick upward. These trends might be one of the reasons that I have been getting offers from various organizations to speak about such trends and Japan’s policies. The invitation to speak in Chilliwack was one of them. I certainly enjoy these opportunities to learn how people who are involved in businesses here feel about those economic trends, and what business changes are happening in this area. Indeed, I have attended some events where I have heard opinions and stories about these economic factors from a variety of people.

Today, I see the progress of Japan-Canada economic relations through signs such as the expansion of Japanese corporations into Canada.

The Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver is willing to provide our utmost support to develop closer economic relations between Japan and Canada.     


Seiji Okada
Consul General of Japan in Vancouver




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