Message from Acting Consul General Shinoda




I would like to introduce myself first.  My name is Kinji Shinoda, Deputy Consul General.


On October 6, Consul General Hideki Ito returned to Japan after completing his posting   of 3 years and 1 month.  Until the arrival of a new Consul General, I am assigned as Acting Consul General and in that regards, ask for your courtesy as I serve in this position.

Two and half years have passed since I started working in Vancouver.  During this period, as ‘a face of Japan’ Consul General Ito was committed to external relations and the activities of this diplomatic mission while my work was essentially focused on management of the Consulate.  I didn’t intend to keep myself inside the office; however, in my position there were limited opportunities to meet people in the communities.


As Acting Consul General, I will be participating in activities and events outside of the office until a new Consul General arrives, although at this moment, it is uncertain how long that will be.  I would like, in advance, to ask for your understanding.


With regards to the Consulate’s website, please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any requests.  Our office welcomes your feedback.  We would like to do our best to   improve our website to make it even more enhanced and useful to its readers. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.



Kinji Shinoda

Acting Consul General

October 13, 2012




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