Message from Consul General Ito




Although daylight is getting much longer these days, sunny weather still doesn’t last and I can hardly wait for the return of bright blue skies.


Premier Clark will visit Japan beginning on May 13th.  While in Japan, she is scheduled to travel to the area affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.  I sincerely hope that her visit will strengthen the relationship between British Columbia and Japan in a wide range of areas and not be limited to only the business world.


Various events related to the earthquake took place in the past month.  I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for those who have been making efforts to raise support for Japan through various ways such as performances of Japanese classic dance, piano, and Taiko drums. 


Our consulate also hosted a series of cultural events over the past one-month period including Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo and Noh demonstrations.  I am grateful and proud that these events provided occasions in a foreign land for people to be exposed to traditional Japanese culture, which people even in Japan, including myself, rarely have opportunities to see.  The performances here in Canada were well received by the audiences whether their cultural background was Japanese or not.


As for my personal life, I participated in the Sun Run again this year following my entry last year.  My utmost goal as a first timer last year was to complete the run, and with my familiarity of the course this year I was aspiring to finish it in under one hour.  Despite my ambition and haste, my legs couldn’t keep up and my goal wasn’t achieved. This means that an unprepared attempt falls short and training is essential.  Aside from muscle pain the next day, it left me with enjoyable memories.



Hideki Ito

Consul General

May 13, 2012




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