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The 125th Anniversary Events

February 19~December 19 Images of Internment Exhibition: Oil Paintings by Dr. Henry Shimzu

August 29 Traditional Japanese Rhythm on Three Strings – Tsugaru Shamisen Concert (SOLD OUT)

October 24 PARALLEL PATHS: Japanese Diplomacy and Nikkei Heritage - Forum 5 - Redress Movement – 1990s the fourth in a series of six forums (For the full annual schedule)(NEW)

August 30 2014 Baseball, BBQ, and Fireworks Extravaganza

August 30&31 Nikkei Matsuri

September 4 Lecture of Phd. Kume of Waseda University

September 10 Cosmos Seminar - History of Japanese Canadians

September 14 Raiden Taiko 10

September 20 - 26 Origami & All Things Paper

September 21 Caravan mate training course

September 28 Voice & Piano Duo concert

The visit of Chief Martin Louie from Nadleh Whut'en (August 6)
PARALLEL PATHS – Japanese Diplomacy & Nikkei Heritage (August 2)
2014 JET Programme Farewell Reception (August 1)

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